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Name: Gus.Pratanu vanished Sirajul Munir - (Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Honey Teak Rajeh)

Institution: Metaphysics hermitage MANUNGGAL NUR A 'DZOM (PM2NA)

                        COTTAGE ru'yah SYAR'IYYAH "BADAKTU"

                        ASSEMBLY Dhikr QAMARIAH ELEVEN NIGHT 'A' DZOMUL NUR Rasulullah "

                        ASSEMBLY Dhikr BAJIGUR (Idle Bastard)

                        ASSEMBLY slayer demit CENTRE - 099

Born: Bangkalan, 1 Muharam 1402 H

Address: Housing Paoman Griya Asri, Jln. Kemang Blok.D No.04-IV

Rt. 03 / Rw. 06, Kel.Paoman Kec.Indramayu, Kab.Indramayu, Postal Code 45 211 (JABAR)

Information Services: + 62 81564882060/087828799901

Specialisasi: Supreme Master diploma / gemblengan Spiritual Metaphysics Science / Wisdom / karama / Asma 'Rajeh / A'dzom, Expert Jabul Rizky (Pesugihan Islami), the Islamic Alternative Medicine, Termination of agreement pesugihan, Cleaning and haunted places Ba'iat Maulana (Title, career), Panglaris, Muhabah, Surgical Aura.

GUS.Pratanu vanished Sirajul Munir who is familiarly called Honey Teak Kanjeng LORA.Tasbih Rajeh born 1 Muharam middle - middle diMadura salaf pesantren life, from childhood been trained / trained by a family-style boarding salaf KHSirajul Munir especially by his grandfather who was known as Kyai linuwih / Scholars' khowash on zamanya. Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Rajeh Honey Teak is still there keSunan.Giri lineage, and Sunan.Gunung Teak - Cirebon, Syekh.Pangeran Musyarif Arosbaya, Tears of Mother Earth Nail of Madura, Ulama 'Khowas / receiver Wali Allah Asma' direct Madura Rajeh As of the Prophet Khidr, he is the founder and caregivers diPadepokan Metaphysics Manunggal Nur A 'dzom (PM2NA) he also became responsible for Dhikr Assembly Bajigur (Idle Bastard) collection of former rogue / scoundrel / thug / robber / thief / murderer etc, to learn / trained Islamic Propagation / repentance to God and the wisdom of studying medicine, religion and social activities to the community, he also became the founder / leader of the Assembly slayer demit Centre-099 / Detachment-099 Pendem ready to help move / conquer jinn / ghost / demit naughty (annoying) even release agreement with Jin Ifrit, Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Madurajeh Teak Assembly also established Dhikr Sebelasan "NUR A'DZOMUL Messenger of Allah" (Pengajian every night as eleven qamari'ah Practices that had grandpa / Buyut / ancestors Kanjeng Lora Tasbih did hundreds of years ago, Dhikr Manaqib developed Kanjeng Lora not read the biography of Sheikh. Abdul Qadir Jaelani, but by reading dhikr or certain deeds. Jamat are also invited to apply for blessing 'and permission of Allah and expects intercession bertawashul Rasullullah SAW also love Sheikh. Abdul Qadir Jaelani, expecting a blessing and karomahnya) "Jama'ah invited dhikr together. Reading Al-Quran. melantukan Beautiful Names Husna After praying according to their respective needs, "said Lora explains Kanjeng In any event Dhikr Assembly Sebelasan" NUR A'DZOMUL Rasulullah "Jama'ah bring a bottle of water. After praying, the congregation blowing into bottles each. With full confidence, the water in the bottle will gain strength from God through the intercession and blessing the Prophet and wasilah karomahnya Sheikh. Abdul Qadir small Jaelani.sejak Kanjeng Lora Tasbih Teak Madurajeh close calls he has had unexpected peculiarities. he was often away from home to families (parents) think he lost his son. At the time dipesantren Kanjeng Lora rarely attend lectures dimadrasah / boarding but strangely it all does not make Kanjeng Lora miss understanding of religion (the yellow book) with students-students dipesantren. when tested Pratanu gus ability to understand religion even far beyond dipesantren students-students who come in every day and study at the madrassa (religious school) In addition to learning the family many kyais linuwih and the scholars' khowash / Habaib of the archipelago of the West End - eastern teach / provide diploma to practice Gus.Pratanu / Science lessons / Karomah high rate including late Abuya KHDimyati - Cidahu Tangerang Banten, Al-Mubarok KHMuhaiminan Gunardo - Parakan (Deceased), Gus.Mik RA (Deceased), KHAbdullah Schall - Bangkalan (Deceased), Kanjeng Lora. Khalilur Rahman (Ra Lilun) known Majdzub (Helap) Madurese language tweet syaikhona Cholil Bangkalan And many more that we can not write, not even once chasing a teacher of the Koran (Ulama ') is recommended by family keAlexandria, Cairo (Egypt), Hurghada, Barcelona, ​​Jordan, all teachers of Kanjeng Lora Tasbih Teak has been known by the public as religious leaders (Wali Allah) scholars' most influential Khowash didaerahnya.sosok simple, unpretentious and easy to get along with everyone is always open its doors to serve the pertolonganya Gus.pratanu need not feel as being in need (important) berapun hours until midnight when everyone else needs a helping hand he will not hesitate to come and meet anyone because the principle is better than the memanfa'atkan bermanfa'at because my life and given this ability is the will of Allah swt to help others said Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Teak Madurajeh raven bird who likes to maintain her fingers move a gerakkanTasbih Oka - oka commonly accompany him.
Compliance with a student (Students)
Kanjeng Lora. Tasbih Teak Madurajeh (Gus. Pratanu) is very Tawadhu '/ obey commands to execute teachers ngajinya no one ever violated orders one day Kanjeng lora. Tasbih ngajinya asked by the teacher to go to the market without being told to buy anything and told to shut up in the middle of the market until the afternoon, although did not understand what was being asked of the teacher, Lora Kanjeng still run the command kiai (Wali Allah) without asking a word when musings, Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Teak find the answer is to forget the busy world Allah as the Supreme God and the almighty giver Rizky, busy people who sell daganganya indulged with some of the ways Satan steals scales (only some) not all, are weak in the faith. command is to be a test and a valuable lesson from a cleric who menggemblengnya Wali Allah and give diploma of science's most valuable and can be used to help people. Praise to God, I thank my Lord Allah the most powerful above all that is in my ridhonya kehendakinya the trust to inherit Practice / Asma 'difficult diIjazahkan to others Said head butcher demit Centre - 099's. In a story that developed in the community, one of the teacher of the Koran Kanjeng Lora, who is famous for many karomahnya memberikn Kanjeng orders Lora Tasbih Teak to pass Uslah / berkholwat at one of the highest mountain Mount dipuncak dimadura During Seclusion, every 5 times he always attended a Tiger, but not about to devour him, but bring bamboo tube containing water to berwudlu '. On the last day he was seen by the Prophet Khidr As. As Prophet Khidr, he was given a packet of rice and told to spend it. But he was able to spend without rest. when given back to 7x rice packets he still ate it up (The symbol is the entry Ridho Allah / Ridho families and teachers in providing useful Science). So after a whole day home was picked up by his teacher beliaupun down from the mountain. Little future Gus.Pratanu also commonly used to accompany a Wali Allah berKholwat diBuju 'Tengket we can not write here because he is not willing to be named, as well as Sirri Gus.Pratanu diIjazahkan Asma' a very rare and highly confidential creation Nabi.Khidir As / the other Wali Allah as Practice Ehna, Tahtawy, Asma 'Rajeh / Science lessons Arosabaya Mother of Tears / Asma' Peak Height / Asma 'Guardians Quthub / Asma' Thuraby / Asma 'Lora Qasad / Asma' Malikul A'dzam / Asthma 'Buju' Maneron / Asma 'Ardi egret / Asma' As - Sajid / Asma 'Saba' etc that even very antique and Powerful, Powerful almost extinct because of a few people who know and practice. Metaphysics Padepokan service Manunggal Nur A 'dzom (PM2NA) led by Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Rajeh Honey Teak is synonymous with gemblengan Wisdom Science / Safety Karomah absolute birth-inner (Kanuragan), Dhikr Inner Anti hazards / disasters / anti destitute, it also gives solution of luck, draw sustenance is halal 100%, Barokah, abundant and grip syareat Islamiyah in Science lessons done / taught by Wali Allah / Cleric 'Khowas / Kiai. Linuwih the past that are not in Ijazahkan to just anyone (only to family / students Kinasih). Lora Kanjeng besides known as an expert healers Wisdom Science and reliable all illnesses both medical / non-medical as well known as that weird guy he prefers proselytizing dikerumunan people doing maksi'at than being a kiai who live in boarding schools that teach santrinya yellow book. almost every night he walked the streets and out of the night club, Discotic, stalls dimly - lit even chipped with rickshaw drivers, transportation drivers, the coffee at the curb, prostitutes, transvestites, Pemabok, pickpockets, thieves, thugs, murderers, gamblers, adulterers, shaman Pesugihan Black, singers just to give enlightenment to those who are in darkness. Teachings of the famous is Suluk Terabas Bajigur or in the Indonesian language shortcut thinking that those bastards (Expert Maksi'at) retired fast idle / Repentance Nasukha. if it is a walk in or out, Kanjeng Lora Tasbih often wore tattered jeans and T-shirts soang / white sarong and white koko, his hand is always there Tasbih and Black Sticks wood hardened like a stone wrapped in cloth if the seat is always coated with Sheet Bed linen cloth was typical of him. Lora Kanjeng often cry if they see someone who is "past / future" Expert Maksiat
Lora Kanjeng rosary Nyantri TO (Kiai) JADAP SIMILAR AS PROPHETS kheer.
Initially Kanjeng Lora. Tasbih only know his name famous among the names kiai / scholars 'Khos, many of these scholars turn to prayer and barokahnya by everyone whether it is considered Ulma' / Habaib / kiai Khos / Ustad / Officer / Minister even said to Wali Allah jadap the regular meeting / communication with the Prophet Khidr U.S., he wants to meet every Prophet Khidr kiai does not find it difficult to meet with prophets kheer. Many people who sowan the kiai is to ask for advice / prayer blessing of a small business just ask for prayer blessing blessing for treatment, weddings, business affairs, trade blessing of life, Pilkades, RT, RW, affairs and even selling land, homes or the other there is even a big deal to running for president, regional head, regents, governors, and there is also a police officer inquired want to meet just to catch a corrupt person / fugitive (important people in this country), some are behind Stand up for meet and stay in the rice field or in the mountains, on the beach to get a blessing and a prayer of blessing he (Wali Allah jadap) is. sometimes left empty-handed and not a bit like his kiai jadap prayer prophets kheer gives his blessing to a symbol without speaking a word just about providing cold medicine, mats, powder, balms or diarrhea medicine, etc.. Here initially Kanjeng Lora wanted to meet and ask the scholars barokahnya jadap Wali Allah is full of oddities. with the intention Lillahita 'ala Lora Kanjeng set out to ask barokahnya and kissed the palm of the hand of the Abid Alimin. with passion for the love of the Prophet and Wali Allah Wali Allah Kanjeng looking Lora and ketemulah beachside kiai is being soak in the beach did not know what to do Gus.pratanu waiting for his ride kedarat Wali Allah and Lora Kanjeng be greeted with "Greetings" But God wills others the Wali Allah does not go off the evening Up kedarat until forced Kanjeng Lora patiently and doing activities off the coast of prayer while watching the Wali Allah jadap kedarat up and see him, after midnight, the exalted Wali Allah rose and approached Kanjeng Lora said hello Kanjeng Lora greeting "Assalamu alaikum Kiai" dijawablah gently and quickly by the noble "Wa alaikum salaam, what you waiting for" said the TSB Jadap kiai "I beg do'akan scholars and asked that I survived kiai barokahnya kissing her hand the Wali Allah "is holding the head of the kiai Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih like stroking the head while stroking her long time no see (full of affection / miss), holding hands Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih invited to a grave side of the beach in the wake of questions in mind ( mind) Kanjeng Lora would carry me this, jadap Wali Allah is saying "let's not worry ngak perform prayer and dhikr tomb that later you also know what you should do he said quietly". In the inner Gus.Pratanu this person is not the right word at random the kiai blessing just ask if want to kiai jadap because one of his beloved Allah on the face of this earth, I was lucky to be treated like someone close to him whispered Kanjeng Lora in his mind, this is a miracle to these scholars as if knowing what is in the hearts and minds of Kanjeng Lora, and even he knows and say where and the name of his family and who is advised to meet with him, while Wali Allah is not no (present) in the kiai Sa'at Khos recommend Lora Kanjeng to meet (sowan) with the Wali Allah (Kiai Jadap, Red) To ask for blessing and kissed his hand. Lora Kanjeng ever saw with his own head chasing the super-rich but his love of others with torches mendholimi hand, turning shouted shouted "ALLAHU-ALLAHU" and read "ISTIGFAR" The man fled ngacir until sandals off after a while Kanjeng Lora heard that the person who pursue life in pursuing his wealth torch fires burn with the fires and people become who repent spend much time to worship the Almighty God, this is where it is located to the miracle kiai jadap to convict someone in a way that is quite weird. Lora Kanjeng still remember in 1997 there was a sick baby is nowhere to be treated to the doctor / Thabib dam variety of drugs and other hospital but did not visit any changes until one day his family in the morning bawl because the infants in regard it would die already dileher breath, mouth-cengap cengap like fish can not water Amid panic Wali Allah Jadap family invites Kanjeng Lora came while riding motorcycles and mendoa'akan Healthy, Selamet, right, Bhs.Madura (Healthy, Happy, Heal ) and read suratul Fatekhah and giving cough syrup Praise Baby is now a happy and healthy baby was a midwife That was a miracle of God through the hands of the Wali Allah jadap, attitude and acting and making decisions is always strange and can not guess. life is full of simplicity and puzzles. after a while Kanjeng Lora save it as a memento, and that is no less bermanfaa'atnya Many in diploma / lowered Practices are very old / useful / rare / and not hard to practice to help the Ummah, others in need, from this Jadap Kiai Kanjeng Lora get lesson Religion / Thirakat mind / and discourse nature of life / nature ubudi'ah Advice and monotheism of Allah .. This noble man very ignorant of the appearance it had in mind only Allah and his Apostle (Ahlullah wa Ahlul Messenger) his long-bing membing Kanjeng Lora's very Aklaqul karimah plant because of Akhlaq's human dignity can be assessed, the degree keimananya God Almighty, the one that is easy to remember / do this jadap kiai taught for many bershodaqah Kanjeng Lora and Dhikr and protect orphans and helping people who need help.
Many stories from the students / general (others) about Kanjeng Lora Tasbih Teak, Early 1999, he had kind words to get into one of West Java which is famous for its magic and evil shamans, the next day a witch came to the committee (One of the students ), he said: I want to meet with Kanjeng Lora Tasbih (Gus.Pratanu) who last night made the event Dhikr Sebelasan A'dzomul Nur Allah here ..! every community was shocked, because he was known by the nickname Way mandraguna evil shaman and never prayed and did not want to close with the scholars' / Kiai / Ustad / Habaib and greatly feared Society, when asked why? Sidukun said: I have 7 khodam Jin, they vanished overnight and at dawn I saw them (Jin-jin khodam it) already wear gloves / white dress and turban, and had converted to Islam, when I asked why did you convert to Islam, and to be like this ..? the jinn said: do not know Squire? As there overnight Nabiyullah kheer, Ilyas Nabiyullah As, the world Wali Allah, Wali Songo, Syekh.Jumadil Qubro, Sunan Gunung Jati, Sunan Giri, Sunan Kali Jogo, Syekh.Subakir, Syekh.Quro, Sunan. Geseng, Syekh.Magelung - Coral Kendal - Cirebon, Syaikhona Cholil - Bangkalan, Syekh.Tholhah-Kalisapu-Cirebon, Syekh.Nawawi Al-Banteni, Syekh.Basyaniah, Syekh.Mussyarif Arosbaya, KHKhasan Besari, Al-Qutub Al-habib Khusen Alaydrus, Al-Qutub Al-habib Sholeh Embankment - Jember, KHMoh.Yasin, Munir KHSirajul tens-Takong etc. Participate present at the Dhikr Kanjeng Lora Tasbih accompany him, so we went in Islam ..! said the evil shaman pet jin similar incident in Yogyakarta a shaman Way who has two cats left and three snakes of palm trees, the centipedes and scorpions so invented guarding his house that night Tigers, snakes and centipedes, crocodiles, scorpions Jin jejadian it lost, he sought, he found the two tigers, snakes and centipedes, scorpions imitation was sitting cross-legged in front of the door Kanjeng Lora place to teach the students gemblengan / Pengijazahan listening to lectures (tausiah) Kanjeng Lora Honey Teak Tasbih Rajeh.Demikian well as how students go to any city in eastern Java, an area notorious expert magnate witchcraft and magic, then patted Lora Kanjeng santrinya and said: Ma'an NABIY .. ! departed, the Holy Prophet with you .. then when they read Dhikr Tayyibah / segue Prophet sudden windstorm that occurred that rocked the house with a vengeance, and then they ask for the protection of Allah, and remember to Kanjeng Lora in his heart, sudden windstorm subsided, and they all smell the perfume Common in use by Lora Kanjeng that seemed to be present in front of them, and there was a fire ball blast outside the home who can not get into the house. when they (students-students) returned their stories on Kanjeng Lora Tasbih, he just smiles and goes With his death the students. Similarly retreat, when Lora air Kandjeng visit to Bali, then said one of his students there, Kanjeng Lora, all the hotels were full, we provide a place close to the residence of the King njenengan Leak (shaman king leak) in Bali, then Kanjeng Lora smile smile course, the next day the King Leak said: I smell the fragrance of the King of the island of Java was around here last night .. Indramayu events in the village of his wife in the village there is one child who will be the casualties of pesugihan by someone who worships the devil to get rich treasures on earth, already many smart, powerful shaman, cleric who in turn to for help but to no avail even the child out of the house every midnight and no one knows when the door is locked, when parents ask for help syareat to Kanjeng Lora, he only gave one stick a broom stick to plugged the child home and Alhamdulillah results until now The child survived with protection / power of God Almighty. in early 2011 the students of Majalengka Ustad.Yazid come kePadepokan (PM2NA) residence once he brought the news that there is someone who needs help Kanjeng Hj.Siti Lora after so long living in shack Tegal Cirebon suffered a prolonged illness due to the person who Shirk with his Dark Arts in a shaman magic to turn to her by people who did not like the Hj.Siti, Hj.Siti experiencing pain all over his body feels hot, cold, tingling many years already some hospitals, doctors, smart people , shaman magic sewilayah 3 Cirebon and Banten had requested his help, but so far there has been no progress Sa'at Ustad.Yazid said with a smile Kanjeng Lora agreed to come and dispose of Jin - jin Posts evil shaman, it was time that he has spoken with Lora Kanjeng students preferred butcher diMajelis demit Centre - 099 Hj.Siti came home, when she reached home Kanjeng Lora directly with the students doing Dhikr and discard all evil Jin-jin Dzolim the shipment, then enter Jin's Lora Kanjeng kebotol and dibauanglah sea, Alhamdulillah after incident it Hj.Siti health given by Allah to this well again Hj.Siti can indulge again, selling in one market stall as Southeast Asia's biggest-Tegal Shack, a security Yani Pertamina Balongan - Indramayu. Hearing excess Kanjeng Lora given by Allah, yani take syareat devices Cin-cin Sulthonul Solomon previously by Lora Kanjeng already explained that the Cin-cin is no prohibition in the form of Islamic prohibition and mandatory yani away / not do these restrictions, the base was a child young he was curious. One time he wanted to test, "I want to do maksi'at Try Kanjeng Lora knows what does not" want to commit adultery at the yani in telponin kept by Kanjeng Lora, Lora yani feel Kanjeng was always watching him and his face was shaded by yani, so do Maksiat yani canceled it, after the incident yani always had bad luck hit a little boy came home from work. falling from the motor, ngak feeling calm as in the chase something, after a few days yani courage to come and stay in touch with Kanjeng Lora and told what had happened and before the event is definitely not always override the minister to tell him that he was almost breaking taboos that say Kanjeng Lora, smiling and offering drink Kanjeng lora said, jokingly youngsters always want to know what is being persuaded by Satan, O servant of Allah ... everyone knows that the punishment was there but why do people laugh. Death is surely coming why people revelers. Reckoning is definitely why do good people bad. Qodha 'and Qadar've certainly why people mourn. Heaven is certainly why many people do not do good ... why would they do that really dear friend .... since the incident yani be one Kanjeng Lora students and now a diligent Worship. We are reminded of the story of one of the messengers of God that Prophet Yusuf AS. who assisted God when sinners will happen with Siti Zulaikha. In the Qur'an Surat Yusuf verse 24: "Verily, the woman had intended (doing the deed) to Joseph, and Joseph-also intends (to do anyway) with her (Zulaikha) burhana robbihi had it not see the sign (of) Lord. So that we turn away from it and atrocities munkar. Surely Joseph was included slaves We were elected. "(Surah: Yusuf 24) In this verse there is the word of God" Burhana Rabbih "In the words of Imam Ibn Kathir in his Tafsir Ibn Kathir, juz II / 474:" The purpose "Burhaana Rabbihi" seen by Yusuf, there are several opinions. According to friends of Abdullah bin Abbas, Said, Mujahid, Sa'id ibn Jubayr, Muhammad bin Sirin, Hasan, Qatadah, Ibn Sholeh, Dlohah, Muhammad bin Ishaq and others that Joseph saw the shadow of his father (Ya'qub), apparently, shape as if his father got angry. According to some versions of the chest beating Joseph. Al-'Aufi found from Ibn Abbas, saying it was the intention of Joseph recalled to face the shadow of the king Qithfir Zulaikha husband as if there are home and know what will be done Yusuf. Similarly, Muhammad bin Ishaq found the same thing. "(Tafsir Ibn Kathir, II / 474) Subhanallah ... An Alumni students from Winton PM2NA Friday evening the 10th of June 2011 called and told me that his wife was sick and could not Ngentut been everywhere but not yet recovered from his illness because of witchcraft by someone who is not happy in his family and himself called Ask the intention of the students in do'akan by Kandjeng Lora, and at that moment Kanjeng Lora Alumni Wonogiri pray for the wife and it's Miraculous with the power of Allah swt after do'akan sure enough, the next day the Alumni calling back to tell me that his wife Lora Kanjeng air gradually gradually recovered and healthy, when Kanjeng Lora A Tasbih is heading Kholwat The river / sea to practice the faith during the segue Qalbu 41 days which is located close to his home. Suddenly came a beggar asking for money. Lora Kanjeng actually took 1000 rupees answer is no, because that's all they have. Beggars he went away, but then came in and asked for the money back. Because the answer is no, the beggar away again, but then came the third time, when found to be the same answer, people (beggars) said "The Pocket 1000 rupees on you??? Lora Kanjeng immediately thought it was weird. Then he shook hands with the beggar. When shaking hands, thumbs sipengemis feels soft as spineless. Situation like that, according to some of the classic books of wisdom, is the physical characteristics of the Prophet Khidr AS. His hands were held tightly by Kanjeng Lora, saying, "The Prophet Khidr Sampeyan certainly the U.S., I beg you please please do'akan ma'af and I keep my faith that Islam survived, healthy and facilitated all the hunger" The pengemispun pray and went as he told Bermanfa'atlah to others and soon there will be guests. Shortly thereafter, the hose fell 3 days of big Motorcycle Harley dressed in a black and Kanjeng Lora asked to indicate the Pratanu Kiai. Since around there (Environment residence Kanjeng lora) no Kiai Pratanu name, answered no. Because the man is stressed there (there must be), Kanjeng Lora said, "In these parts there is no master, name Pratanu Kiai, there Pratanu myself," Then Sampeyan I was looking for "the man said before leaving the guy said you later will be known and called Kanjeng LORA.TASBIH HONEY TEAK RAJEH, frequently - often to drink honey and Wind Up, after shaking hands, people mysteriously disappeared with Motor magnitude, (Magic) makes Kanjeng Lora astonished not understand what the man dressed in black. Once also occur, when Kanjeng Lora family dinners. Suddenly saw a shadow of his best friend, just behind the kitchen. At that time his friend was driving and almost serempetan the fence and headed toward home. Lora Kanjeng when it was at lunch, surprised to see a shadow like seeing the television. Reflexes moving his left hand to stop the car his friend was not to hit the wall tadi.Sore day Kanjeng Lora got a call that his friend had reported the car almost hit the barrier, but the lucky survivors. Hearing the story, Lora Kanjeng surprised. The story is exactly the same as that seen at lunch. One day Kanjeng Lora had guests from Jakarta, Guest has expressed its intention to learn and certified Asma 'Songai Rajeh (ASR) with high language and tone of voice are hardened said that ASR are Kanjeng Lora instill certainly are nothing in comparison Studies that guests have because sitamu has been learned about the ASR everywhere and even guests have the RDR (Rajeh in rajeh) that is trusted by many in the scientific strength of the bag away ASR, Lora Kanjeng just smiled and said Help Bring rosary is in close sampeyan That Kanjeng lora intentionally store near charter guests, said Lora Kanjeng gently to the guest, the guest deftly beads that do not take away from him but it was a miracle Tasbih dhikr commonly used by Kanjeng Lora can not be touched let alone rise to given to Kanjeng Lora Tasbih, he later told sitamu please in use ASR / RDR / science you have to help me take my Tasbih, sorry sir yes .. I live for coffee and syrup made bikinin sampeyan sampeyan probably tired of thirst. The guest ditinggalkanlah approximately 25 minutes Kanjeng Lora still see sitamu busy to move / lift Tasbih is to sweat it out for corn and until reading Asma'nya loud and very loud scream once, hose 1 hour guest capitulated and apologized for the mistake / kekhilafannya who have had less good intentions since departed from his home to try to test and insult / humiliate and want to show off their knowledge in front Kanjeng Lora. He Kanjeng Lora Red. smiled as he said that the most powerful / magical That God Almighty we are only human if God did not want man sesakti though and have the power of any kind including RDR / ASR / Mustika Magriby / Tahtawy / Guardians Quthub / Sky / Sun / Gondangan / Creed Rajeh, egrets Although Ardi, Creed flashing etc (intentionally Kanjeng Lora to name a practiced deeds let sitamu not feel kesinggung) Science anything if Allah will not bless it would not mean a real man, and many many Istigfar read Tasbih sampeyan to get in this life lesson , then the guests are excused to go home and now has become one of the students Kanjeng Lora. This story has been widely spread one day. Lora Kanjeng arrival 7 guests simultaneously. Then the guest Lora asked the first "Sampeyan no need what? "I am a merchant, Lora Kanjeng loss results can not be obtained even continuous" Said the first guests begging After Kanjeng Lora looked for a moment towards the guests first, then replied: "If you want to succeed in trading, there is great istigfar say Tasbih, segue Prophet" After that are both facing "Sampeyan no need what? I am married but I have not given 21tahun descent "Having regard to the guest Kanjeng Lora second, then dijawablah" Expand istigfar, Tasbih and segue Prophet "said Lora Kanjeng. Now comes the turn of the third guest, four, five, six and Tujuh.Kanjeng Lora immediately asked, "Sampeyan all this is what is necessary, what is wrong ngak sampeyan all come kesaya address? "I farm, tricycles, motorcycles, doctors, and I much debt each answer according to his profession and told her to Kanjeng Lora problem but getting more and more day of my debt, so could not afford it." Said the seventh guest with advance serious "If you want to succeed and pay off your debt, increase read Istigfar, Tasbih and segue Prophet" Lora Kanjeng message to guests while providing money Asma 'berKhodamkan Angels (Quthubul These funds. Sayyid Matha'il etc.) "Some of the students who saw the events Lora Kanjeng it feels heran.Suatu different matter, but with the same answer, the same recipe, which sent multiply istigfar, Tasbih, segue Prophet. Kanjeng Lora knows astonishment of the students. After the guests go home then called upon the students that it's full of question marks. Then Kanjeng Lora read a letter full of verses 10-12 Meaning: Ask forgiveness of your Lord, behold, he is All-forgiving, surely he will send to you with heavy rain and augment wealth and children-Lora anakmu.Mendengar Kanjeng answer is the students understand that the answer was indeed the promise of Allah is he who read istigfar reproduce, Tasbih and segue true prophet. Shortly after the incident, the seven guests everything works out what's dihajat rich in matter and to obey the command of Allah and stay away from all prohibitions of Allah SWT, so there is no doubt in running / worship Allah, like the story of a Community Ever Lora Kanjeng morning when massaged by one of the students of Natural Qasran Tarub namaya, while supine wearing soang / gloves (daily habit - day) Kanjeng Lora Tasbih sleeping in his room, shut down and move her hands like sewing, when Nino (Qasran) which is santrinya asked Lora Kanjeng Tasbih said earlier that he was helping the workers whose employer diHongkong of anger Dzolim, Lora Kanjeng Among magic again, he never traveled fence south western city of Yogyakarta, the South Sea area (approximately Parang Tritis). There are sea Prophet Khidr Mosque As seen by the inner eyes Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Jati he entered the mosque they will be, then the mosque was drowned kedasar sea. And strangely after returning, his body totally wet with power Allh SWT. Narrated, soon after the incident, he gets Tasbih Kanjeng Lora Grace / Wonders of Allah in the form of Flower Shahadatul Qubro, Tasbih Kaokah shaped letters that read "BAK - CRC ', 9 star within a triangle" when viewed in mind it will seem, and whosoever took the position as having the Sulthon / king. So no wonder, Many Candidates officials / officers are coming, when the state hospital officials, state officials told the man to ask for drugs to dalemnya Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Teak Madurajeh And by him given fault sticks. He ordered that the diremdam stick in water, then the water is drunk. After following the advice Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih, Alhamdulillah Allah cure state officials. According to a relative of his, that in order to meet Lora Kanjeng Tasbih easy as long as the intentions are good for bersilahturahim, because he often move move, sometimes he was on the river bank and sometimes there Indramayu Cimanuk roadside and the story goes that he would like to meet greeted Khodam (Jin Muslim) people at the door and only a pious and good intentions to meet with him and any words - words and behavior Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih he should not be translated and interpreted arbitrarily (Bad - slob) because who knew he meant only Allah swt.
Jalbul Rizky (Puller Rezeky / Heritage)
Kanjeng LORA.Tasbih experts in various fields, including making them Pesugihan of luck syareat Akasah Nur Islamic, Islamic Pesugihan Angguk, Money Quthubul These funds, Sayyid Matha'il Khodam Money, Money Khodam Barkhazilin sayyid, Money Khodam US-SHAD, Khodam Al-Qadr to Rate 9, Khodam Na'im al-WAQI'AH JANNATUN to Level 7, Khodam Al-Mulk (Tabarak) to 9 Levels, As-Syamsy Khodam 9 Levels, 7 Levels Khodam Kandayas, Khodam Jaryaalin 7 Levels, Haekal Klanceng Honey White, Tasbih Lathiful A 'dzam, Emerald Aura Capsule Surgery, Cin-cin Sulthonul Sulaiman, Nur Fruit Buwwat, Ayatul Manunggal A' dzam etc. Depending on your needs I need to explain a little about Pesugihan Nur Akasah and Pesugihan Anggu 'Islamic pesugihan actually this is not just a language course core Riyadhoh this is the way of doing dhikr Ayatul Asror the Counts secret that has been taught by family / teacher of the Koran a kiai linuwih to draw sustenance and facilitate all matters ketutup and facilitate / encourage the arrival of world treasures that are useful to solve the problem of debt debt / capital and additional not lack any need / purpose / intent in Islamic world without any casualties and risk bad guaranteed 100% HALAL without victimizing Inshallah success rate beats any pesugiham Black as pesugihan Tuyul, Nyai Blorong, Cage Bubrah, Married jin, Jaran Panoleh, Ngipri, Ngepet , Buto Ijo etc and as long as you do not do maksi'at to Allah swt the power of wisdom / karama will help you the rest of your life. Decisive Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih, PM2NA also serve and assist family problems such as separation PIL / WIL even syareat he creates what is called Oil Decline insolence usefulness for couples / wives if one husband / wife having an affair with someone else then kemaluanya can not escape when adultery (sexual intercourse) with other people. BILLA NA'UDHU forbid MIN (Only deterrent effect). Kanjeng Lora beside Tasbih known as the Supreme Master (Mujiz) Diploma / gemblengan Spiritual Metaphysics Science / Wisdom / karama / Asma 'Rajeh / A'dzom, Expert Jabul Rizky he also has the ability treat any medical condition - non-medical (Thabib Linuwih / Reliable) one of them specializes alternative treatment with disease Transfer Methods to Animal / egg, Nur A'dzom Therapy and touch the power karomah Creed, Tasbih, sholawat who have years and have diRiyadhohkan hold the key in karomahnya by Lora Kanjeng Tasbih God willing, with license / authorization Essence of the Great God coming quake 1 patient had no change and tangible results are visible PM2NA name familiar much has been proven and feel satisfied, especially with the lovers of wisdom Sciences ( students) who ngangsu kaweruh (certified), learn to Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih (PM2NA), many testimonies stating that after taking diploma / ask for help syareat to Kanjeng Lora everything feel satisfaction and happiness as proven easy to get is the purpose (intent ). further offending PM2NA, Kanjeng Lora. Tasbih Honey Teak Rajeh explained that he Padepokan hermitage Foster is keeping the legacy of the Ulama 'khowash / Wali Allah / clerics linuwih and Practice mengijazahkan high level lessons / Services in Islamic PM2NA added to his experience has delivered many students / students are reliable and able to help the problems of others as Jin kingdom move, heal people / relatives affected by witchcraft / magic / pellets etc. these are just some of the skills that students have learned to us and many others that we can not describe items, said Lora Kanjeng. Tasbih smiling ngajinya Citing the advice of teachers, it kabeh kang Ngelmu ora katon on Tuesday mripat Meaning: Science is everything that is not visible to the eye, be careful in studying but it is also not arbitrary because the study could lead to an unacceptable risk of such examples so crazy or sick, our message before you certified / turn to that you think can help problems you face especially if you believe / come to beg PM2NA advance directives to Allah by praying istikharah First because everything there lies the success of the Permit / blessing / power of Allah, not because of the power of God's servants. PM2NA as an institution inherited spiritual wisdom Pengijazahan science scholars' Khowash under Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Teak Care Madurajeh (Gus.Pratanu) also opens Internet Services (No Fees) regardless of tribe, race, nation, Social Status with the limited facilities we had diPM2NA, to study Islamic Studies - Wisdom Science Koran and equipped to a high level syare'at preaching and helping others as PM2NA - Kanjeng Lora Muslim Advertise with mandatory requirements and mole - learn diPM2NA at least 9 years, Requirements Bring clothing / equipment Prayer Self PM2NA - Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Teak Madurajeh taught / not lose their knowledge to bear people / students / pupils to SAKTI / arrogant / ARROGANT / arrogant ', as an institution PM2NA Spritual Pengijazahan / gemblengan Wisdom Science teaching / mengijazahkan Practice rare / Magic Mustajabah this Special Muslims who want to believe, Want Happy, Healthy, Happy, helpful and bermanfa'at for other people (Ummah) and print out the youth / community areas Akhlaqul Karimah according Quran - Hadith (Ahlussunnah Wal Jama'ah).
Treatment Nur Lathiful A'dzom Dhikr Assembly BAJIGUR
Assembly of Dhikr Bajigur - Asshole Idle (set of former People - Naughty people who repent / repentant and explore / Learning Wisdom Science Medicine diPM2NA, dedicated power / mind to help others) Orphanage Kanjeng Lora.Tasbih Rajeh Honey Teak, opened by Al-Treatment Services Qur'an, As - Tradition and Heritage Wisdom Science Scholars' Khowash To cure the disease / medical non-medical, other than to cure the disease, Medical Diseases - Raga, can also cure disease - Non-Medical Diseases - such as sick spiritual / soul, witchcraft, to -to, magic, pellets, witchcraft etc.. by Cost seikhlasnya - his best, We also serve Slimming Therapy, Medical services remained Maximal order and it did not disappoint any day We only melayanani 30 people / day except Saturdays and Public Holidays in each Month, 11 Month Hijri Date Night at Sa'at recitation NIGHT 11AN NUR A'DZAMUL the Messenger - Lora provides direct Kanjeng Medical Services / Consulting Wisdom about life issues after Pengajian 11an DiPONDOK ru'yah SYAR'IYYAH "BADAKTU" Jln. Siliwangi, (Edge Kali Cimanuk) Home Office Gapensi Kab.Indramayu, Northern + 100m from the Hall Regents / Post Office For information Hub.Santri Our Treatment (Natural Qasran Tarub) - 087 828 669 901 / No.Telp PM2NA Services, For Medical Care Nur This A'dzom Lathiful lagsung Mandatory come long distances and can not phone in advance.

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